ActivWall can Open Up Your Space, and we offer completely customized products to fit any commercial or residential setting.

Gas Strut Window

With ActivWall’s gas strut window’s seamless integration between your indoor and outdoor spaces, this innovative product is designed to make entertaining easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Insulated glass and thermally broken aluminum components allow for high energy efficiency, and every product is fully customized to meet our customers’ needs. Available in aluminum and wood-clad (interior) aluminum systems.

Folding Units
Whether you are looking to open up your living space to the outdoors or expand the capabilities of your business, ActivWall Folding Windows and Doors are a high-quality, American-made solution. The ActivWall Operable Wall is a commercial-grade door and window system designed for large openings. Partition panels fold or slide along a wall opening from a fully closed to a fully open position. Swing panels can be incorporated into the system, allowing ingress and egress where needed. The system features glazed panels and can be used in both interior and exterior settings for commercial and residential applications.

Pivot Doors
These exceptional doors offer a unique and versatile design that allows them to swing inward or outward, creating a flexible and dynamic space. With sturdy handles on both sides and locking capability, these doors are ideal for both residential and commercial settings and can be used for both interior and exterior spaces.
Our cutting-edge motion hardware is designed to provide smooth and effortless operation, while the hidden pivot hinge creates a seamless and modern appearance. With self-closing technology and the ability to hold positions at -90° | 0° | +90°, these doors offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility.
Crafted with a thermally broken aluminum frame and dual-paned low-E glass, ActivWall Pivot Doors are the epitome of energy efficiency, ensuring your space stays comfortable and your energy bills stay low. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home or business, these doors are the perfect choice for a stylish and functional upgrade that adds a wow factor.

Sliding Stacking Units
ActivWall’s Sliding Stacking units offer a unique type of functionality that sets them apart from folding units. Each segmented panel in the Sliding Stacking product is independent of the others, enabling the versatile doors to be used for straight or curved applications. When open, the operable wall panels can be configured to stack in hidden compartments or in front of other fixed panels. Sliding Stacking units are custom-designed to meet the exact needs of any situation, commercial or residential.

ActivWall gas strut window - Max. 8’x5’

ActivWall gas strut window – Max. 8’x5’

ActivWall sliding stacking unit - Max 12’ height

ActivWall folding unit – Max. 40’x12’

Windsor Next Dimension Classic casement windows, direct-set windows, and sliding patio doors.

ActivWall pivot door – 6’x10’

Windsor Pinnacle wood-clad casement, awning, direct-set windows, multi-slide patio doors, and sliding patio doors with black exterior cladding

ActivWall sliding stacking unit – Max 12’ height