Loewen is the leading manufacturer of premium windows and doors for the luxury architectural market in North America and abroad.

Loewen is committed to producing handcrafted windows and doors. Their expert artisans ensure Loewen’s fit-and-finish is unparalleled. These craftspeople are supported by high-tech, automated technologies, but it’s the skilled hands in their maker spaces that earn them their reputation among discerning architects, builders, and homeowners.

Loewen uses authentic materials of the finest grade. At their core, Loewen is a designer and manufacturer of wood windows and doors. They use solid wood laminations, not veneers. Their extruded aluminum is of the highest quality. Their operating hardware is bronze, brass, zinc, and stainless steel – all genuine materials, not imitations.

Loewen’s designs are enduring, both aesthetically and in performance. They work tirelessly to create products that are timeless, whether that means being true to historical architecture or creating a lasting contemporary design. Behind the outward beauty is a functional performance that provides an industry-leading experience for years to come.

Cyprium Collection

Loewen’s Cyprium Collection includes copper and bronze-clad windows and doors. The products have artisanal details, including hand-soldered exterior joints and thick metal cladding and profiles. These hand-wrought features help the windows develop distinctive patinas (a protective coating copper naturally forms) that create architectural interest and character.

Loewen Timber Curtain Wall

The Curtain Wall is a spectacular glass wall made from large glass assemblies. It pairs structurally engineered timber with narrow mullions—or the vertical bar that separates two sides of a window—to create a striking and warm interior. Exterior covers are available in aluminum, wood, or Cyprium (copper or bronze cladding).

StormForce Series
This series caters to coastal homes with durable versions of Loewen’s standard windows. The company designs each window to withstand nature’s harshest conditions, such as hurricanes, tropical storms, high winds, driving rain, and extreme heat and cold. It also hides brackets and locks so as not to sacrifice style, unlike many other storm windows. The StormForce Series uses Low-E insulated glazing and laminated glass to add another layer of protection.